I write stories, mostly. They are, so far, short. I attended the Clarion Workshop at UCSD in 2008, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to write stories, and who isn't afraid to venture into the territory of the fantastical, strange, and unabashedly whole-hearted.

"The Telescope"
Sybil's Garage #7/edited by Matthew Kressel

"The Night We Drank Cold Wine"
Electric Velocipede #25/November 2012/edited by John Klima

"The Manticore, the Mermaid, and Me"
Unnatural Creatures/edited by Neil Gaiman and Maria Dahvana Headley
April 2013

"Eating the Pomegranate"
Electric Velocipede/December 2013/edited by John Klima

"The Quality of Descent"
Lightspeed Magazine/edited by John Joseph Adams
forthcoming fall 2014

"Mythical Cities of Soutwestern Minnesota"
Strange Horizons/May 2011