Tuesday, December 30, 2008

letters of the alphabet and all

Today, I had a moment of utter delight and astonishment when a customer came up to me and said:

"Hello, I'm looking for a woman author."

There was then a pause, and the customer, a sturdy blonde woman, smiled beatifically.

"She wrote some books."

Another pause. I had to press my tongue really hard against the top of my mouth to keep from laughing. I was nearly choking myself.

"The titles have letters of the alphabet in them."

Oddly enough, this last bit of information led, almost immediately, to Sue Grafton's mysteries. But the monologue that ushered us toward them was so amazing that I kept playing it over in my head for the rest of the evening. "I'm looking for a woman author. She wrote some books..."


lnaturale said...

Whereas, up until that point, you'd just assumed she was trying to hit on you.

Megan Kurashige said...

Fortunately (unfortunately?), nobody hits on me at the bookstore. My random skips and hops might have something to do with this. I probably look very odd. Either that, or I just move in an incredibly grumpy and unattractive aura.