Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my favourite thing about my ipod right now

I am someone who cannot get enough of having stories read to me. I enjoy reading them myself, of course, but there is something comforting and magical about listening to the words breathed and tasted by an actual voice. It makes me see the story in a different way, if that makes any sense. It's as if hearing the story opens up little corridors in it that I didn't notice before.

Anyway, I'm currently ravenous for audio fiction. Tell me a story! I demand, and my ipod happily complies.

If you, too, long to drift to sleep with the accompaniment of fictional murmurs, or find a dull traffic jam enlivened when your car is swamped with another world, then let me suggest:

Short fiction of the fantasy genre. I highly recommend #40, "Hell Is The Absence Of God," by Ted Chiang.

Short fiction of the science fiction stripe.

Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast
All kinds of stories. Made me want to rush out and buy James Joyce, so that's saying something.

Strange stories. My friend, Damien Walter, has a story here. It's called "Circe's".

BBC Radio 7
This one isn't a podcast, but it has wonderfully read stories and radio plays (radio plays! have you discovered the joy that is radio plays?). You can listen to it online.


Kat Howard said...

My favorite thing about your iPod is its insistence that we listen to The Graveyard Book every time we went anywhere. It has good taste, your iPod.

damiengwalter said...

I love audiofiction. I got an Audible account a few months ago and am hooked. I've just rediscovered BBC Radio 7 as well. Great stuff.

ohbutmeow said...

I love 'zines, and Microcosm Publishing has audiozines! Awesome.

~Karla K.

Megan Kurashige said...

Karla: ooh! Thank you!

Kat: I know. I felt like Neil's voice was invading the car.