Tuesday, March 9, 2010

fill my ears with good

The new album by Beach House makes me want to go on a roadtrip, solely because I think it would be the perfect thing to listen to, at a volume to make the windows hum, while driving a stretch of road that goes on long enough for the sun to set while you're crossing it. It's called "Teen Dream," which makes me wince, but the music brings to mind "drenched" and "haze" and, yep, "dreamy" -- but it has an edge underneath it that makes me want to pay attention in case it slices through. Sexy, too.

(It also introduced me to Pitchfork, which is a one of those rabbit hole websites that are dangerous to fall down. Endless treasures. A new She & Him music video. "Go Outside" by Cults.)

This American Life makes me teary eyed, angry, giggly, and full of a sinking disappointment when I've caught up on my backlog and realise that my ipod is empty of new episodes. I found episode 399: Contents Unknown particularly fascinating.

My sister made me listen to "Stuff You Missed In History Class." I think she offered the episode about the disastrous Burke and Wills expedition to explore the Australian continent. Apparently, one scientist drew a picture of a rat eating his foot as he died. I've now gotten to the point where I'm dredging up past episodes to put on my ipod.

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg from BBC Radio 4 can be a little pretentious sometimes, but the conversational format is interesting. I remember listening to the episode about Joan of Arc while sitting on a set of stairs in San Francisco while drinking a cup of tea, waiting for a friend, and wondering what it felt like to be so intimately acquainted with someone so long dead.

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MEB said...

RE STUFF YOU MISSED IN HISTORY CLASS: Most people in Australia agree that Burke and Wills are... sad. I view them as the Goofus version of the Gallant Lewis and Clark (to reference HIGHLIGHTS magazine, thank you very much).

You might like THE MOTH podcast, if you haven't happened upon it already, which is rather like people telling you stories in kindy. THE PENGUIN CLASSICS and GUARDIAN BOOK podcasts are sometimes amusing as well. All are good for running to, I tells ya.

Happy Easter, lady.