Monday, April 26, 2010


All of these are for fun, though some of them are for work too. Two of them are to keep my friends company (Fight Club with Carson; Catch-22 with Joy). The Keret is blowing my mind (you've got to taste him: "Fatso" was on This American Life). Just read a mad-fabulous story by Roddy Doyle that edges alongside werewolf territory in Stories. The science book is the perfect thing to read in bed because it makes me happy, except for when it makes me too excited and I have to haul myself out of the blankets to look up something on the internet because it's just too awesome to wait (though I can't love them all: D'Arcy Thompson with his dreadful spirals and profuse footnotes bored me so much I dropped the book on my face when I fell asleep reading him).


E. J. said...

Catch-22! My favorite novel! Do you love it? Tell me you love it!

Megan Kurashige said...

Is it really your favourite novel? Wow. Intense recommendation! So far... Yes, am fascinated by it. Not quite converted to love yet, but it's early days still.