Monday, May 31, 2010

excitement and lag-time

I have some exciting news:

A story of mine, "The Telescope," is being published in the seventh issue of Sybil's Garage. Sybil's is a very stylish little magazine, and its content tends toward the beautiful and strange (my favourite flavor of things to read!), so I am delighted.

(as in: do a happy jig and slide up and down the hallway in socks, delighted.)

This will be my first publication, and I find myself a little nervous about the whole thing. I wrote the story such a while ago and the lag-time between then and now is a strange sensation. It's like I did a performance nearly two years ago and it's only now that the light and sound of it are reaching the audience. Weird. But cool.

And, a friend of mine, the fabulous Keffy, has a story out in Fantasy Magazine. You should go read it. There's even a nifty little comment box where you can say how you feel about it.


The Ferrett said...

YES! I remember that story, I think. Well done!

Charles said...


Megan Kurashige said...

Thanks, guys!

Ferrett: It's my week one story, the one about the dancer. When I looked over your guys' critiques to revise it, I definitely got nostalgic!

-J said...

Oh, YAY, Megan. I remember reading this one and being incredibly touched.