Sunday, January 16, 2011

kind words

A friend of mine (the fantastic Paul Berger) just emailed me the following:

Hey Megan. Just wanted to make sure you saw this SF Site review:

Megan Kurashige's "The Telescope," which relentlessly reminded me of the films of the Brothers Quay, with its finely wrought sense of tragedy (often critics describe prose as "painterly" -- Kurashige, a dancer, writes with the vigour, precision and delicacy of the dance) leaves the reader with some of the most lasting and haunting images of any of the stories.


I do believe that this is my very first writing review (Thank you very much, Seamus Sweeney of SF Site!). I feel so grown up.

Possibly related:

One of the first comments that my fellow writers made to me at Clarion was that I must be a fan of David Lynch.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because your stories kind of remind me of him."

As I had never seen anything by David Lynch (except for Dune, once, when I was very young... the only thing I remember are silver unitards), this comment remained mystifying.

Some months later, I watched an episode of Twin Peaks. I was flattered, and also disturbed.

Every now and then, someone sends me a link to something with a caption that mostly goes like this: "This reminded me of your writing."

The Brothers Quay.



I am, obviously, very flattered that there might be even a passing resemblance or whiff of similarity between my work and these rather mercilessly strange, but lovely, things. I am also beginning to think that my own imagination might not be the safest thing to wander around in when it's dark, without a flashlight, and possibly not the most reassuring thing to look at in the eye.

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