Wednesday, March 9, 2011

evidence, on film

Liss Fain Dance posted video excerpts of "The False and True are One," the piece we performed at Z Space/Theater Artaud in December and (in a slightly modified version) at the Mill Valley Public Library in February.

The piece was unusual in that it invited, encouraged, and demanded a certain kind of audience participation by transforming a proscenium stage space into four rooms separated by walls of varying transparency that the audience walked through to see the dance. The choreography is by Liss Fain, the music was composed (and mixed live) by Dan Wool, the production and lighting design is by Matthew Antaky, and Jeri Lynn Cohen is our fantastic narrator who reads short stories by Lydia Davis. The piece is also about 45 minutes long, and since we never actually leave the "stage," surprisingly intense. My white silk dress was thoroughly soaked after every show.

Most of the footage is from our dress rehearsal, except for the last video, which cuts together little snippets from an actual performance (I had no idea someone was filming us from above!). Anyway. This is me, dancing.

Excerpt 1: Me, Bethany Mitchell, Shannon Kurashige

Excerpt 2: Shannon's "Caveman Duet" with Private Freeman.

Excerpt 3: Alec Lytton hauls me through the air.

Excerpt 4: Shannon, Private, Bethany, and Jennifer Beamer Fernandez dance to "Happy Memories"

Bits and pieces from the whole thing, with the audience


x said...

You. Are. Gorgeous.

Megan Kurashige said...

Thank you, lovely. Miss you.