Friday, November 2, 2007


Despite early protestations about Moonlight (vampire as private detective television program on CBS), I have become shamefully hooked. Not that this any indication of quality. I'm merely a sucker for nearly any serialized drama (except daytime soaps which are mostly loathsome). If something has a story that spills into next week or tomorrow or next month, I'll be there to find out what happens.


Sophia Myles's makeup. I thought she was very pretty in Doctor Who, but Hollywood makeup people definitely know how to banish the undereye circle and airbrush people beyond the scope of reality.

Vampire names. Mick Saint John. Lola. Josef. When you have supernatural characters, why give them normal names? This would confuse people. This is also why you have to name your human characters with clunky normality, like "Beth." Obviously.

Drugs that look like those horrid packets of colored sugar that children eat by licking a plastic wand, mashing it into the stuff, and slurping it off.

My absolute favourite moments though are when a vampire goes over the vampiric edge and gets nasty. Eyes cloud over and turn blue-ish, little fangs sprout, hair suddenly looks like too many volts of electricity are being shot through it. It's as if the designers couldn't decide between the zombie look and the pit bull infected with rabies.

I wouldn't recommend Moonlight to my friends, but I will still watch in the hopes that something truly outrageous will happen. I'm envisioning some apocalyptic vampire/human battle resolved in tragic self-sacrifice reduced to barely palpable romantic tension.

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