Sunday, September 28, 2008

a story is a story is a story

Have you ever been telling someone an anecdote and, in the middle of it, begin to actually listen to what you are saying and find it so strange and unbelievable that you start to think you're making it up?


Right then, that would just be me.

I had to think for awhile afterwards to reassure myself that, yes, strange things do happen in real life, and, yes, I had seen this particular strange thing with my very own eyes and hadn't dreamed it or wished it or really even embellished it at all. Which disappointed me, as I was beginning to think that my imagination had gone round a strange and interesting bend.

Ah well.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't tease us like that Kurashige. What was it?

Kat said...

Um, yeah, I agree with Damien. Fess up, Megs.

Megan Kurashige said...

Kat, I was actually talking about the man in the turquoise suit and the ferret neck tie. After I finished talking to you, I was thinking about it, and was believing it less and less, so I went to look in my notebooks and found a doodle of him and the caption "seen in dim sum place on Clement."
Though maybe I was hallucinating?

Kat said...

Right then. I can see where contemplating those sartorial choices might well make one doubt the actuality of an event. Regardless, I think he's a story. Or at least the ferret neck tie is.