Saturday, February 28, 2009

book game

Win! Win! Win!

For the 28th of February:

Stardust: 1
Nation: 1
A Fine and Private Place: 1
The Hobbit: 1
Maps And Legends: 1


A single Rainbow Fairy book.
Two Star Wars beginning readers books.

This is entirely due to my good fortune in having a small family of precocious, intelligent readers with a taste for magic. And yet again, not one person asked me for the sparkly vampires. hurrah.

In other bookstore news, I now have a shelf on which I can display books-I-am-madly-in-love-with and write miniature reviews exhorting other people to buy them. This makes me happy. My secret tyrannical tendencies are coming lose. Soon I will be stamping my feet and giggling madly and making people guess my name. And if anyone mentions the virtue of sparkling vampires, I shall impale them on a spindle, or steal half their shadow, or turn them into a salamander.

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