Tuesday, February 3, 2009

force feeding poetry

Mondays are poetry night at the bookstore. This is something new, a little bit of (probably not quite approved) fun to alleviate the usual excruciating slowness of the last half hour.

I inflicted Ogden Nash on the customers. Nash is fun to read, and "The Grynch" is both particularly fun out loud and not too long. I enjoyed watching the bemused expressions that greeted "I dearly love the three-toed grynch" when I launched into it over the loudspeaker, particularly the woman who looked at me as if I had burst into a particularly florid dialect of pig latin.

My coworkers have more majestic tastes. Todd read Mark Strand's excellent "Eating Poetry" last week, and Mack read a beautiful poem that I can't remember except for the glorious image of gramaphones clustered on a beach.


Claudia Carlson said...

Thank you for putting poetry out there and I love Nash!

Emily Jiang said...

Megs, you might like Pablo Neruda's poetry, too, though not as funny as Nash. Black buttons!

Megan Kurashige said...

I do like Neruda, though he's not one of my current fascinations. I'm really excited by Elizabeth Bishop, Frank O'Hara, and Mark Strand right now.

Maggie said...

Oh! That sounds fantastic!

-- Maggie

Megan Kurashige said...

Maggie: It is pretty fun! You should come visit some time. Where did you end up?
... though, really, if you're into spec fic at all, first port of call really should be Borderlands.