Saturday, July 11, 2009

yet more of the story in the library

So, that story that the lovely Kat and I are working on? That one we've been writing on Twitter because we are possibly mad? We finally realized (or, were informed of the fact by perceptive people like my sister) that it's actually quite difficult to read a story on Twitter. So we made a "Vampires in the Library" blog (do you notice how I sidestepped the italics? not quite ready to commit to something long enough to require italics.) and are collecting it there in chunks that are comfortable shapes for reading. I typed up the first chunk and took the liberty of smoothing out transitions (sometimes the 140-character bits sounded something like Hah! Well, HAH! HAH! HAH! POW! BOOM!), adding names where we left them off, and removing ampersands (as much as I enjoy their bulky curve) in favor of "and". I didn't make any large changes though, as tempting as it was when seeing the whole thing and wanting to run off after all the interesting bits hanging from the edges.
The blog is here.
I also went to see a performance this evening... I so miss dancing for people. I mean, I believe, utterly, that everyone can dance, should dance, even if you only ever do it alone where nobody can see you. But... There's something about dancing for people that drags you out of yourself in an entirely different way, and I have to think about it more to say exactly why that is, but I really, really miss it.

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Emily Jiang said...

Hurray for Vampires in the Library! And hurrah for a fabulous literary collaboration between two of my favorite Clarionites. I look forward to reading more about your misadventures.