Friday, November 14, 2008

doctor who

Am feeling very behind the times in only just discovering that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who. This makes me a little sad. When I first heard someone call Tom Baker, or Peter Davison, or whoever, "their Doctor," I was perplexed. It is only a tv show, I thought, and it's the same tv show, with the same sort of stories, and same blue telephone box, and the same wonderful, ridiculous adventures. Except now I completely understand and I can't imagine the Doctor without the manic energy, absurdly fast soliloquies, and (my favorite thing of all) the enormous and good-natured enthusiasm that Tennant is so good at doing.

However, he's going to be in a movie with Bill Nighy. I adore Billy Nighy. Except as that elderly vampire in Underworld, where he looks like someone who needs extensive dental work very badly and is in a very bad temper because of it.


Kat said...

"And if I were the smartest person in the room -- which, of course, I am, I would tell you..."

Oh, bugger it. I'm going to miss him, too.

Megan Kurashige said...

I know... Whatever shall we do?
(also, when we are reunited, I vote for a mini-marathon of our favourite Doctor episodes. Plus tea. Plus chocolate.)

Kat said...

Fantastic! (I know, different Doctor.) Still. Let's start with The Shakespeare Code.