Saturday, May 2, 2009

something to read on a lazy weekend

If you, like me, have nowhere to be until 11:00, which is practically afternoon, and are lazily drinking tea and trying to decide whether it's too grey outside to venture to the farmer's market, then I urge you to spend some otherwise mundane minutes reading a couple of stories.

If you, unlike me, have a number of pressing things that are stuffing your hours until they burst out the seams, I would still urge you to read these.

First, a short piece by Sarah Miller called "The Music At Bash Bish Falls," up at Everyday Weirdness. It's a spare and compressed piece of strangeness, and it delivers plenty to think about in a very small space.

Also, a longer piece by Stefani Nellen on Conjunctions. It's called "Tentacle Mind Report," and we were lucky to read the first draft at Clarion. Steffi writes outrageously beautiful and disturbing stories with the kind of details that make me think, oh yes that is exactly how life is. This story is satisfying and terrifying at once.

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